Anders Lasater Architects

Dillon Residence
Laguna Beach

One of our most honored projects

Awarded the 2016 American Institute of Architects Citation Award for Outstanding Residential Design

Awarded the 2011 Gold Nugget Grand Honors for On The Boards Custom Home

The AIAOC Awards jury admired how the siting of the program and arrangement of the building masses masterfully connected the forms of the house to the form of the land. They noted that the various roof planes proposed work well to help organize the house and articulate the spaces within it.

Envisioned as a hidden gem nestled within a hillside grove of fragrant eucalyptus the Dillon Residence rewards the adventurous who find their way to the end of this narrow hillside street overlooking the picturesque coastline of Laguna. 

Formed as a collection of related but independent structures linked by a circulation spine the house provides a sequence of tailored experiences as one moves from the ceremonial living areas near the entry, past the inner courtyard and waterfall pool to the serene, more intimate spaces at the back of the lot. 

Each space offers a unique moment of understanding, not only of the site and the dramatic views beyond, but also of your place within the home. 


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